sound bytes

every week for the last looong long time, the fabulous seattle dj chloe harris (whom i happen to have a huge crush on, shhh, don’t tell) has been putting together mixes of the latest and greatest from around the world for the ever-up-front website. so it is fair to say i am pretty stoked […]

los furios

i am working away furiously at this new remix — it is one of charles’ tracks called “ghosted”. though i am way behind my own schedule, i find myself working at an incredible pace, certainly faster than most times that preceed this. i think when you get inspired something cool happens. i am inspired. full […]

it was worth it

haa haa, woo hoo victoria! good times central. friday night someone asked me something bery bery special and i said yes. omg. more on that later! *suspense* after, i hung out with jenlucy, adrian, jen, ryan (dave), miguel and some more at the alibi room .. cool place in the east end. saturday i made […]