smashing pumpkins

Time is never time at all You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth And our lives are forever changed We will never be the same The more you change the less you feel Believe, believe in me, believe Believe that life can change That you’re not stuck in vain We’re not […]

seagulls gate

after much hmmmin and hawwing i am returning to victoria for the hallowe’en weekend. there are a couple specific things i am returning for (yes i am partly windtalking again) but all are good reasons on their own and combined.. well the choice is obvious. i’ll be on the 7 pm ferry over and be […]


here is a bit of tech bot crap: U2 limited edition iPod iPod Photo U2 is my favorite band. But the uPod’s only unique new features are different color plastic (which i like the look of, but it’s just plastic) and reproduced autographs on the back. $499 is quite a bit for a collectors item. […]