Tankers seem to loiter in English Bay quite a bit. Taken from Spanish Banks. West Vancouver in the background. I have a couple shows coming up that I want to tell you about: Saturday April 4th @ Whitebird Lounge – chill set at the lounge on Yates St. under the Odeon/Lyles Place. Saturday May 23rd […]

two tracks

This is in North Vancouver near the CN rail yards. There are no shortage of metaphors that one could use an image like this for. I could use it to lead explanations of different management techniques, DJing, producing, etc etc. Instead I am using it as my new desktop background.

queen of vancouver

On Sunday we were sailing back from Vancouver on the Queen of Vancouver, the Queen’s last sailing to Victoria as we were told over the announcement system. The Queen of Vancouver has been in service since 1962. You could always tell it was pretty old by the way it vibrates coming out of the dock […]


We’re in Vancouver this weekend for the Ion Design 20 year party, and we’ll also be getting some work done. Our business cards for Bergamot Studios came in, which is great since we’ll be able to hand some of them out tonight at the party. We’ll also be meeting up with Anand and Tara for […]