stupid phone

my stupid nokia 5125 is convinced there is a headset plugged into it and i can’t hear anything that is being said over the phone. not only this, it is convinced that the headset is being plugged in randomly every second or so, so i can’t navigate through any of the menus or anything. i […]

resonance: may 28th, 2004

Resonance on 101.9 FM, May 28th, 2004. Featured Tracks: Shiloh – Will You Ever Come Around [Infusion vs. Gwill Morris remix] (Electrofly) Kylie Minogue – Slow [Max Graham Mix] (Unreleased) Mixset: DJ ariz0na Momu – Descolada [Dislodged Mix] (3 Beat Breaks) Habersham & Numinous – Leaving Tifton [Digital Witchcraft Mix] (Blueprint) Quivver – Space Maneouvers […]

screwed up!

it’s weird how as i feel more introverted i get more creative which makes me extroverted once i have stuff to show and/or play for people. what up with that. my birthday party on sunday was really quite good. nathan volunteered to host the gathering after i told him about the uncertainty with the weather […]