psyt elite

so that red thing from that last post, that’s an LED red traffic light. neat huh? this picture above is from the midnightblue photo series. it’s of brentwood and sidney from the malahat lookout. r0ck. it’s been a pretty up-and-down week for me, but it’s been a good one despite some of the unfavourable events […]

listen, punk

i went rockclimbing for the first time tonight. it was awesome.. and i managed to get some pretty rad shots after my hands gave up. snowboarding yesterday, rockclimbing tonight .. that’s two new things in two days. tomorrow i don’t work until 3 pm so i am going to sleep in a bit and go […]


i’ve had a headache the last couple days and have found it hard to write. or think. i took the morning off work and then i felt okay. i feel somewhat better today but i think it’s going to be another early night! other than that, we have my first set of school skits to […]

oh whut fun!

i went to oak bay rec last night to go swimming with mr. gurns. they had something there called “MEXICAN FIESTA NIGHT” where the kids bash the crap out of a pinata. yowza. i don’t think i have been to an ‘everyone welcome’ swim in some time. it made me feel mature, or something. it […]