punky macromaniac

hi. ya. it is friday night. party up in duncan, there is also a party on saturday night. maybe i will save myself for that nite. i dunno what saving means. i want to play tennis tomorrow, but weather may prevent that from happening. too. much. coffee. today. what! i watched huckabees last night with […]

grain and grit

so i was reading this article on a photographer who was in iran during the revolution of 1978-1979, and it had this real cool bit on photo grain that i wanted to share with joo all: even those of us who have never directly experienced the chaos of revolution can feel that revolution is a […]

so long liam

me and khan first met liam 7 years ago in victoria. he had come up from seattle to see a dj named john digweed (dave seaman was there too). he got in touch with me because i had made the website for the event and i gave him a bit of info on victoria. over […]


you guys are all sooooooooo yesterday. TRANCE RAP is the way of the future. Just ask John Digweed who recently changed his name to J-Digs and now raps over his latest Bedrock Trance Music. “Sasha thought that he’d be all sophisticated with his remixing but I found the way to really take everything to the […]


somnambulistic while remaining blameless and combusting sounds from the devil’s playlist technics would call me a turntable sadist leave your head feeling all cumulous nimbus beatmix your soul till you’re cross and faded lost in the breakdown turn, feel less jaded you spin the tune backwards to hear what was said voodoo grooves that will […]

mmm Oranges

i did not know this, but oranges make me crazy! i sliced up a big one today and it is not super flavourful but there sure is a lot of it. and eating an orange is a truly satisfying thing if it is not messy. this is not messy. i learned from somewhere that if […]