somnambulistic while remaining blameless
and combusting sounds from the devil’s playlist
technics would call me a turntable sadist
leave your head feeling all cumulous nimbus
beatmix your soul till you’re cross and faded
lost in the breakdown turn, feel less jaded
you spin the tune backwards to hear what was said
voodoo grooves that will raise the dead
crawl into your brain then i cut and paste
making beats from the nightmares then we’ll turn them into breaks
we’ll make the bassline oscillate
as we fuel it with your anger and inject your hate
we’ll extract the essence of the grimace on your face
give it low end fury to make it so bass
so we leave and by weird example
i’ll pillage your village then loop it as a sample
play back your life in a tune
you’ll all be affected ’cause no one’s immune
we’re motherf*cking twisted
distort the frequency

words: hybrid – sleepwalking

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