giant things

the path through cathedral grove i have always found it pretentious the way bands like oasis compare themselves to the beatles. i mean, i find it so much so that they must be joking. beyond this, they release albums with names such as “standing on the shoulders of giants” and that kind of thing. how […]

ahh victoria

it’s great to be in victoria again, at least for last night, today, and tomorrow until afternoon. i did not hang out with colin and jill in the last couple days, but they are some of my friends who i did recently hang out with in victoria. i just watched my first episode of american […]

the return

well it’s a gorgeous day once again and i am headed to mill bay for the duration of it. then i’m coming back up to nanaimo and then going to victoria at about 6:30!$#*(%!)*$^)(#)$(~@!#%asdfasdfsdjkvasdnvsd$~$*!@(%@#~(*$!@)(#!@ @!#*(%)(*%)~($)!(#!~)#@~!@~!@#~!#~!@$^$(#)@&#(%!@# i am in town until wednesday evening. anyone wanna do anything!?


photo by chrissie of course, those lyrics below are from Coldplay’s “Clocks.” One of my favourite songs from the last half year. it’s time to check the email. i haven’t checked my email in a very long time and i’m scared to see how much i have. aaaaaack! i am trying to figure out whether […]


lights go out and i can’t be saved tides that i tried to swim against you’ve put me down upon my knees oh i beg, i beg and plead come out of things unsaid, shoot an apple off my head trouble that can’t be named, tigers waiting to be tamed you are, you are confusion […]