photo by chrissie

of course, those lyrics below are from Coldplay’s “Clocks.” One of my favourite songs from the last half year.
it’s time to check the email. i haven’t checked my email in a very long time and i’m scared to see how much i have. aaaaaack!
i am trying to figure out whether or not i like this sort of captioning style. so far, i think no. it’s a bit too obese. maybe i’ll just drop the grey background. hmmzor. opinions?

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  1. obese, as in “fat”? haha… never struck me as a fat colour…
    heh chrissie, check out “rave” ->”rave been” -> “dam good rave” … here’s my favorite part: “Krishen sat in the back and DJ’d”
    Aww yeah! DJ Krishen! lol..

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