today, the Wolfbeat interview with myself was on Village 900 at Noon until 12:30. whoops, i thought it was on at 3 or 4 for some reason. that’s when resonance is on, on fridays. anyway! i hope some people heard it.. i know that a lot of people listen to Village 900, though i am […]

the mug of wisdom

justin and the mug of wisdom just to clear something up – resonance continues as per usual. today is an extended 2 hour show — 3-5 pm with DJ Pants. random radio is its own entity! wooo! something really cool is this: justin (aka formulate) is preparing a production / mix set specifically for resonance. […]

random radio

okay. i have been vague about the new radio show. but no longer. starting (in all likelihood) this saturday night, on 101.9 FM, from 3-6 a.m. myself, adrian and gurton will be hosting random radio. and i say hosting because we are not the only people involved. we’re looking at having a dedicated producer, some […]