things in the works

There are a number of things going on right now. I guess I better make a list: The photo above is of one of our African Zebra Cichlids. Yes, those are eyes inside its mouth. There are fish swimming around in there – it’s a mouth brooder. The Victoria Electronic Music Festival is happening on […]

oh really?

I am not too sure what was going on here or exactly when this was taken. As you can see I was not holding the camera – I think Graham had picked it up and snapped a few shots while we were at Adam and Jessica’s housewarming. What do you think we were being told […]

thank you internet!

The internet is many things, and this very website is one of those things. The other things are somewhere else and I’ve been holding back a few links to those things for some time now – I’ve been waiting for an appropriate post to link from, however I have decided I am not interested in […]