there’s something about a sunset that makes you feel like you’re in the right time and place, no matter when or where you are. profound if we leave it at that. but.. why is this? it’s a thing of beauty, to be sure. and cameras have a way of capturing them which sometimes make them […]

lack of light

it’s been a weird weekend. friday night was completely fun, and we even ended up at denny’s for a big texas chicken fajita skillet! it was great to see so many people out and enjoying themselves. i ran into someone who i had not seen in years and years on friday night. i have a […]

entry 400

for entry number 400, i am going to advise all 5 of my readers to not give out their email passwords or MSN passwords. i got some seriously weird messages today from one of my friend’s MSN accounts and and i knew it wasn’t her that wrote them. she recently moved away from victoria, but […]


neofunkcian is on resonance this week! 2 hour show. booya. the above picture is of marlee, who played a great set last week. i am pretty tired tonight. not sure what it is but i feel very low on energy. my plans for tonight are off so i am probably going to hit the hay […]


lab color: lightness, a lab color: lightness, b rgb color: r,g,b my personal favorite of the bunch is lightness, b.. love those colors in lab mode. almost all the images you see on this site are unaltered. that includes the trippy night time ones. so if you aren’t sure what is fake and what is […]

no lyrics

tonight i looked through lyrics to describe the way i feel right now. i looked through my usual favourites.. but none of them will do. U2’s lyrics are all about god, sex and drugs. Depeche Mode is all about drugs and occassionally sex. Coldplay writes about bubbles and spies and general nouns. bah. for someone […]


skip3rad0! it seems like there is road construction everywhere in victoria. to get to the Claremont area i have to go around mt. doug park because they set up a play-pen area on a kilometer stretch on Cordova Bay Road for Don Mann’s excavation crew and they haven’t stopped playing tractor and dumptruck since early […]