this is the first time in some time that i barely have any time! i had a full day of work, a short visit with just(in) and then a fantastic pasta dinner. after dinner I went for a nice relaxing drive and it gave me a chance to take a few shots. tomorrow is resonance […]


well i’ll do a big weekend entry but for now i’ll post this picture from just before the concert start at GM place. fantastic performance from coldplay indeed. i would have loved to have taken pictures inside. many people did, but i did not because it said on the ticket “no pictures, no video, no […]

happy birthday emily!

it’s emily’s birthday today, it’s mine tomorrow! however, emily is in prague, so it’s already the 23rd, which is my birthday. dude. here where i am, it is emily’s birthday and there where emily is, it is mine. it’s both of our birthdays right now, even though they’re on different days. rad!!!! w0w. neat! 😀


ooooooooooooh working on websites is good fun when one has new toys! i have been macking in macromedia fireworks mx and i believe i have come up with, what one would call, cool [bleep]. i am manipulating shots that i’ve taken with my new camera. i have been doing graphic design for a long time […]