another first day

and here is another first day of work. nice.
finally. i have a graphic design job.
this is so awesome. i have been looking for more industry experience for a long time, but there was not much of an opening in the market for it. there do not appear to be many employers out there hiring in the field i studied in college for. i thought marketing + info sys / business would be somewhat in demand when i went into it .. i was told it was. i didn’t know for sure, but for some reason everyone seemed to agree at the time. hmmm..
it’s great to be working again. doing nothing drives me craZy!
it’s time to put my skillz to the test..

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  1. Congrats Davin on getting the job you were hoping for!! It’s good to hear you so upbeat!!

  2. congratulations davin! design is a hard industry sometimes.
    i have a question for you – how is the industry out there really? i’m a designer too, and have thought about moving out to BC (i’m currently in Toronto, ON) to look for work.
    it sounds like you may be a bit more on the technical side of design, so maybe we’re looking for different kinds of work, but i’d love to get an idea of the industry in victoria/vancouver.
    any help/tips would be appreciated – thanks!

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