and another track is done. the name for this track came to me for whatever reason and i could not -not- write a tune to go with it. and i think it’s one of my finest to date, once again pushing my production to a new level, ’cause the fun is in the innovation, especially […]

september fifth, two thousand and four

so! aside from seeing posters for Hybrid all over town with my name on them, guess what else is happening which is incredibly cool? pacific front recordings first release, my first official release as AFK, is available online now: note the chart on the right. 3 mixes of magnetic (my own, formulate’s massive remix, […]

i was

i was going to go all krytoblog again, but then The Dog looked at me with Those Eyes and i had to take him for a walk. and now i forget what i was going to say. i think it’s best it not be said anyways, if i recall korrectly. how is -that- for krypto!?