happy hallowe’en!

yeah it’s hallowe’en! this picture is from the haunted house driveway out in sydney near the airport. omg omg omg omg omg!#!%#^$%( it’s hallowe’en!! woooooooo!!! today on resonance is the first public playing of my new choon — AFK – Magnetic. a certain few have been privvy to hearing the tune and now it’s time […]

cleaning up

it seems like i am cleaning up every day these days. i mean wtf. anyone that has seen my living space will disagree with the existence of a mess, but that doesn’t mean that the stuff i have is organized. it really isn’t.. but i am getting there. really. anyways i am getting ready for […]

above the city

these are some pictures from the sunset tonight. i went with charles paul. our vista was the local hill known as mt. doug. it really looked nice up there. my friend nathan sometimes brings up his laptop and fires up reason and makes music. i’d like to be able to do that — the view […]

hallowe’en is coming

one week! one week! i gotta get my costume together this weekend!! resonance is featuring hallowe’en tracks today, the spookier variety. myself and nick have picked out some massive hallowe’en tracks for your enjoyment today! no mixing, just the goods my friends. i went to a toastmasters meeting last night. it was really interesting — […]

october sunset

after days of rain and no hope of sun, it was actually sunny last night just before sunset. i phoned up jim after work, with specific intent, and off we went to ogden point. the port of victoria the unlit lights at ogden point the birds of bold endurance the last helijet of the evening […]