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  1. wow! that’s amazing. where did you take the picture from?
    i’ve only ever seen the northern lights from vancouver island once. we used to see them from mission when i was a kid quite often. i miss the aurora.
    so how about that wind, huh??

  2. Hey Davin, where did you take that picture? Graham and I have been looking around for shots of the lights for a while, ever since we heard about the geomagnetic storm.. Best pictures we’ve seen so far have been from Metchosin.. Where’d you go?

  3. kev: i am ready.. but i need a makeup artist. yeah.
    julie: i took that from telegraph cove in gordon hood. 🙂 the wind is insane!!
    amanday: they are amazingly cool to see.
    adam: telegraph cove, boyee! i also spotted them from cedar hill road around 12:30 last night.. were really bright then. i just caught the tail end of their appearance in this shot.

  4. kick ass davin! before i read the text of your entry i said to myself, “self, whoa, look at those vertical lines in the picture! i wonder how they got there!” very cool.

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