2002 was good

i’m going to talk a little about tonight and some more about 2002. but first, tonight: i must have spent at least half an hour typing ‘dooooooooooood!!’ on ICQ to jemma and mr. mischiff. tonight myself and ria went to south bay pub and restaurant. i have wanted to go there for some time .. […]


last night was pretty good times. first, i went for dinner with greg, nick, adrian and aaron at a restuarant on lower fort st. named Siam. it is a thai restaurant and had thai food. so that means we went for thai food last night. i didn’t take a picture of it with my camera, […]

xmas eve

yeah, it’s xmas eve! woohoo! pictured above is 2 TPYAKC representatives. the photo was taken last week at Chlorine .. which was the last week of Chlorine. not enough people were coming out to justify the club night continuing. on one hand i’m sad because it never really worked out. on the other hand, i’m […]

stolen bloggers

last night was one of Those nights. you know, the ones where you’re thinking about who is there, not who isn’t there. saturday, december 21st, being the longest day of the year, meant that it was time for a celebration. so, celebrate we did. we went to the [censored] winter solstice party at [censored]. i […]