ahhh, my neck

well, i went to the doc yesterday, and he went through the same thing as me. he says cooling the neck, and general movement will help. that means less time on the computer [yep] and more time walking and such. oh, and he said to go for a massage. i have never gone for a […]

owww my neck

my neck has been hurting real bad for the last 24 hours. some have suggested seeing the doctor, some have suggested seeing a chiropractor, but i want to try out acupuncture. it took 15 minutes to put my seatbelt on yesterday. i almost pulled over 4 times on the way home from work out of […]

so long SPEC

there’s so much to say about SPEC that i feel like i could write a book on it. there would be different chapters with titles that read like “the underground was shaken upside down and look what came out,” “why didn’t he book me?” “this is an awesome place for photography,” “woah he booked me,” […]

resonance: yoseff and joshua

featured tracks: Formulate – Voice of Qi [Original Mix] (Pacific Front) Formulate – Rising Edge [AFK remix] (Pacific Front) featured mix: Yoseff – Eyedentify Set Arrakis – Acidstuck (Tracid Traxxx) Overtone – Soulstatic [Part One] (Camouflage) Andy Ling – Fixation (Fluid) Moogwai – A Night Out (Platipus) Marc Rembrandt – Mind [Ravebase mix] (Logic Records) […]

shadow bouquet

i shot this in the same place as the pink flower .. about 3 minutes before. in a small forest, on a sunny day.. the shadows from branches and leaves framed this. probably of interest to a few people.. tonight on resonance (friday nights, midnight – 3 AM on 101.9 FM).. yoseff and freya. the […]

the public eye

seeing as how the weekend begins in 5 hours (!!!!!!!!!!), and almost everyone i know will be doing something SPECial this weekend.. i thought i better get this out now. monday is the federal election. do you know your stuff? i don’t want to get into any crap like democratic duty, but if you don’t […]

thank you denis

what a perfect little party. everything you want it to be, nothing that you don’t. what, 30 people showed up.. perfect. only those who wanted to be there were there. not a straggler to be seen, not a scenester in the place. it cost denis $50 plus time to put on the show and it […]