ahhh, my neck

well, i went to the doc yesterday, and he went through the same thing as me. he says cooling the neck, and general movement will help. that means less time on the computer [yep] and more time walking and such. oh, and he said to go for a massage.
i have never gone for a massage before. i always figured they were mostly useless, my muscles are great and perfect and who needs a massage!? well, this time i needed a massage. so, as paul commented two entries ago, sandra works on wednesdays at Vitality in oak bay. i hooked up an appointment this morning for the afternoon and went.
that woman has strong hands. sandra spent a little extra time and gave me a great massage and, though i don’t feel perfect again [i wouldn’t expect that with a pain coming from INSIDE my neck], i do feel a lot better, and more relaxed. and she also gave me a few excercises to do, as she has encountered what i was going through many times before. so, thank you sandra! i know that you don’t read this blog much but i do know your husband paul does, so please pass on that sandra made my week. sandra is the awesome.

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  1. Yeah, she does give great massages. She very nearly saved my life before with her healing hands. I think I’d better go see her again sooooon. Glad to hear you are feeling better Davin!
    I am thinking of checking out Jets Overhead at the Folk Fest tomorrow night. Anyone interested in joining me? There will be fireworks after!

  2. Julie, I’m sure the whole friggin’ city will be joining you. Keep your wits about you – there are bound to be scraps and debauchery.
    We’ll be watching everything from the relative comfort of the Ocean Pointe – that’s where they launch the pyro-explosives.

  3. hey davin – good to hear she was able to help you. I will be sure to pass on the positive comments, so thanks!

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