108,000 lightbulbs

Today myself and my cohorts at The Secret Location counted most of 108,000 lightbulbs. These are not just any lightbulbs.. they’re Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs. Duuuude! They’re worth about $10-$20 each.. and we’re giving them ALL away. Dude. Yesterday was my website’s busiest day yet. I’m not sure why. Time to get my stuff together and […]


Today at work — the fourth day of work — we practiced the skit that we will be performing in Victoria elementary schools. At first I was kind of dreading it, but I knew it would be fun.. and I was right! I played the Wizard. I wore a Zope wizard’s hat and had a […]

jimmy van m

Was awesome last night. But first: the coffee meet earlier in the night was fun. About 20 people came in total. Braeden was able to give out a bunch of flyers that people could use to get into Sugar for $10 with to see Jimmy Van M. He left a few too many, so we […]