This weekend sleeping in was a luxury like no other.
Today I made a casarole that is so good that I don’t want to finish it, just so I’ll have some left.
This afterrnoon I mixed records with nickgurns.. if I had a shoutcast solution for OSX, I’d be using it. But I don’t .. and my searches have proved fruitless.
I’ve started work on another CD .. somewhat based on the proton set.. so it will feature many of the same tracks, but in a CD length mix. Also it will have some other goodies in it that you likely wont hear anywhere else. 🙂
My first day of work is tomorrow, and unlike most of my other jobs (except the Ministry of Education), I feel adequately trained to start with confidence. This is good!
Geek stuff:
Krishen recommended an elite new RSS newsreader called NetNewsWire. Basically it reads headlines from news websites and collects the first paragraph for a sample of reading material. It keeps track of what you’ve read and what you have not read, and it automatically checks for new news every 30 minutes. The cool part is that with the version of moveable type that I am running, it’s coded so that entries on my blog and krishen’s blog count as news entries, and so this news reader picks up on whenever I or (more usefully) Krishen makes a new entry, it shows up as new news!


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