ucluelet detour

Thanks to those who came out to my birthday-show last weekend at Sunset, and also thanks to the performers who did a great job, and Jason @ Sunset for putting it all together. A great way to celebrate another trip around the sun! Reading Malcolm Gladwell’s latest, Outliers right now. Not too much to say […]

to look forward

I appear to have a spare moment so here I am. Pacific Front’s new release is out on promo on Beatport now. I’ll be posting shortly about that with some details and samples. Anand is coming over tomorrow and we’ll be jamming on some new Tiebreaker material, which I am thinking is going to sound […]

out in the wild

A heads up – the new blog at www.gdc.net is live and I will be writing more about design there, as previously mentioned. Check it out if you’re into design! Also if you’re not into design, this might be a good opportunity to learn a bit more about it and what some of the broader […]