AFK – Bergamot

Bergamot is my first original solo track out since Lush which came out on Proton Music a couple years back. I find myself enjoying collaboration quite a bit and as a result, solo stuff has taken a back seat for a significant amount of time. The wait is over, though, and Bergamot is the result of a whole lot of Earl Grey Tea consumption, time spent at the keyboard (shh – don’t tell!), and inspiration from friends and heros. In particular, this tracks production style was inspired by Shiloh, a group I used to get to spend more time with but lately have not been able to. Additionally, the entire track is done with 5th note increments on second oscillators and twin instruments with balance shifting back and forth.

This is meant to reflect the complexity of flavour between the bergamot oil and ceylon black tea leaves which, together, make Earl Grey Tea. In the middle of the track there is a breakdown where almost every element has vanished and notes rise through the space in the track to convey brewing. There’s some other bits in there that I could equate to the tea making ritual but I will leave that up to your imagination to make those connections. The remix comes care of Hungary’s prog-breakbeat king, Retroid. Enjoy, and as usual please do comment in the comments area below.

Release tracklisting:

  1. AFK – Bergamot (Original mix)
  2. AFK – Bergamot (Retroid remix)

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  1. Heyas Craig,
    First released since Lush, been many before that (Magnetic, Dreamcache etc) .. but yes, I am making time to do more production and re-evaluating what I want out of production at the same time! Not easy to make time as I am sure you can relate.

  2. Hey Davin, very cool! On the Retroid mix, what are the sounds that resemble finger slides on wound guitar strings? Or are they sampled seagull calls? Very good work, sir!

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