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I appear to have a spare moment so here I am. Pacific Front’s new release is out on promo on Beatport now. I’ll be posting shortly about that with some details and samples. Anand is coming over tomorrow and we’ll be jamming on some new Tiebreaker material, which I am thinking is going to sound a lot different than anything we’ve done in the past. I sent over the parts for Emily’s China to Justin earlier this week so we may see a remix of that at some point in the future, which would be very interesting to say the least.
British Columbia had an election this week and I am not too sure what happened. I voted but the majority of eligible voters did not – only 48% did. STV got shot down in a pretty serious manner – in 2005 it garnered 57% in favour, and in 2009 it only held 38% in favour. I am not too sure what happened but the facts are there – people don’t want it. Except for in Victoria – Beacon Hill, 62% of people were in favour. Only one other riding had that much approval for STV and it was one from Vancouver. The next closest riding was down around 55% and that was also in Victoria, but almost everywhere else was much lower, hence the results. For STV to be approved, a 60% “supermajority” of the popular vote was required, and needless to say it wasn’t even close.
Why is British Columbia so apathetic when it comes to voting? Was anyone else surprised by the results?

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  1. I ponder that the older folks . . . the ones who are the majority in this city . . . the ones with nothing but time to go out and vote . . . the ones who don’t take kindly to change . . . were responsible for STV’s crush.
    However, were that the case, it’d make me even more sad about the state of our voter turnout.

  2. I wasn’t surprised with the turn out nor who won. I was surprised that STV didn’t pass. The pro-STV side were more organized with greater media exposure that I figured they would knock it out of the park.

  3. I was extremely surprised Davin. I had spent quite a bit of time campaigning STV. I went to many debates, some rallies and even met up with the STV group and members of the citizen’s assembly on election evening at Spinnakers. So much time and effort went into getting the word out, there was info sessions at UVic and Camosun, it was in news print, television etc.
    I really believe STV did not pass for 3 main reasons though
    Voter Turnout was so poor. I believe that shows just how many people bothered to educate themselves for this election. Second, STV was never publicly endorsed by the NDP or Liberals. And finally the no side had a lot of time to campaign as well, where 4 years ago they did not.

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