more sizes

February steamrolls ahead into 2009 and we’re well into the winter semester now. I wrote a paper on project management execution and control last week – if anyone’s interested in reading it I will post it. Maybe I’ll post it anyway just for reference, along with the risk management and initiating and planning papers. The […]

new meaning

New meaning is far too broad of a topic to write about so instead I will leave you with this photo. Perhaps it means something different to you than it does to me? I took this photo from the street (you can see the chainlink fence this was shot through, blurred out) on the way […]

mists of the night

This is a well known landmark in Victoria, Mt. Tolmie, backlit with some mists over the University of Victoria in the background. Taken from my deck downtown, this is facing north-east. 300MM (480MM film equivalent), aperture: F5.6, shutter: 1/8, ISO3200. I think I shot this hand-held, but I can’t remember for sure. I have pretty […]