Trifecta – Terraforce

To say the first Trifecta release is a long time in the making is a severe understatement. This started off as a communal track a few years ago between myself, Dustin H and Justin (Formulate/Humbertron). We each took turns working on the basic sounds, melody and drum sounds and passed the working files back and forth around 6 or 9 times. Then once we had a chunk of it done and a couple movements, we all took it in our own directions resulting in the three finished mixes of the track:

  1. Trifecta – Terraforce (AFK mix)
  2. Trifecta – Terraforce (Dustin H mix)
  3. Trifecta – Terraforce (Humbertron mix)

We came up with the group name after going through several different potential names. We wanted something that would represent the three of us and Trifecta seemed to fit. At the time there were no other “Trifecta”s on Beatport, but as of this post there appears to be a “Tri-Fecta” which Beatport erroneously attributed the track to. That’s not us, and a change request has been filed so hopefully they fix that soon without breaking the link to the release.

“Terraforce” is just a made up word which means earth (terra) power (force). Lets greenwash this by saying that Terraforce will be released digitally only, eliminating tonnes of physical waste that is the result of making CDs and records and shipping them! More power to the earth.

The cover art is made of a few images – one is a volcano (I did not take it myself, but I did pay to license it for this) and then some other miscellaneous textures that have been given a spotty mosaic blend as well as some other stuff.

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