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February steamrolls ahead into 2009 and we’re well into the winter semester now. I wrote a paper on project management execution and control last week – if anyone’s interested in reading it I will post it. Maybe I’ll post it anyway just for reference, along with the risk management and initiating and planning papers.
The goal of this site is to be a scalable resource-based site for anything that I want to put my name to. This includes my photography, mixes, production, writing, and design. I haven’t put a lot of design work up but it’s here, incidentally, through all the mix covers, production art, and site design. My writing is what you see here – but it’s not the only writing I do.
Some might suggest that I maintain a different website for each one of those disciplines, but to me there are at least three problems with that. Problem one is that they’re not all mutually exclusive disciplines, and they have a way of bleeding a lot into each other under the surface. Problem two is that maintaining four or five websites is a lot of work and spreads the updates thinly due to constraints of time and convenience. Problem three is that I am one person, and I’d like to appear as such. That might sound funny, but splitting off into many different areas, also under alias as I have in the past, undermines the ability to connect things that might not otherwise seem to be that close together. I used to do graphic design under a company name, DJ under another name, produce under several different names, and only write under my name. The separation, though a seemingly cool group of ideas, never focussed on who I actually was – just segments of who I wanted to be.
Sometime soon I want to put my design portfolio up. I haven’t updated my portfolio in a really long time but I’ve been a part of many design projects over the last several years and it would be nice to display some of that here.
All that said, it is Monday morning and I’d like to cut this off here before I create too much work for myself! Time for some more breakfast.

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  1. Cereal?
    The thing is: it’s your site. =)
    It’s always perplexed me to see how irate some folks on the tubes get while trying to dictate what someone should have on their personal website.
    That said, since you brought it up ;), I think it’d be great to see more of your design work!

  2. i like the idea of one powerhouse website.
    plus, managing 4-5 sites!? damn. i mean you’re talented enough to pull it off…. but i’m afraid even the davin must sleeps !!

  3. I wanted to call you a Renaissance Man for the new century, but most of them who I’ve seen are also ugly — it doesn’t work.

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