winter picnic

snow has returned to the capital .. this photo was taken outside of my fav local coffee shop – Picnic II (the sequel). There are some elements of this that remind me of the Blizzard of 96, but (so far) it’s not as brutal. City is similarly shut down and after a short break, the […]


A vital piece of the home studio arrived and Adam and AJ came over to help me assemble it. It’s a standing desk with 2 tiers – top for monitors, bottom for midi keyboard and computers. I’m pretty excited about this, but it’s going to take a bit more work to get the wiring to […]


I woke up to the sounds of the wind this morning, well before my alarm. In another way, it was my alarm. the above is this morning’s breakfast, along with a coffee and ambient music from KEXP’s weekly show Pacific Notions. We used to have this simple breakfast growing up. We even ate from these […]

spooky donuts

Tennis was rained out this morning. Lame. However, a fun thing to do in the fall is get a haunted donut in the village. I enjoy that with a coffee too! I recommend trying it with the best of friends. It will redeem any situation regardless of precipitation. Side note, publishing from your phone to […]

Walkie Talkie

You may know this as a walkie-talkie. Set it to a channel with at least one other WT and both devices could listen and hold a button to transmit or “call.” Of course, any device used for non-cellular wireless communications in a relatively small radius has a story. This particular one was my link in […]