so anyways..

that is done.. just deleted 400 entries, and imported the right ones.. there’s a new category (on the right) called “dj mixes”.. the next step is deleting the music blog, because i made it only for the simple reason that i didn’t understand categories before.. or how the category templates worked, to be precise.. but […]

random ten

here’s that top ten random songs from my iTunes library that krishen was talking about: Underground Resistance – Combustion Chamber Deep Space Organisms – Outer Moment Woob – Pluto Sasha – Artificial Heart Blackwatch – Foreshadow (Medway remix) Hybrid – Live at the Amphitheatre in Florida – 08-31-2003 resonance ID take Subtech – Southern Chill […]


i seem to be having a lack of energy lately. i think it may have to do with just wanting to get things done and finishing projects, both at work and in my music life. progress. i need it. formulate’s set on resonance last night was really quite good. we had some pretty hilarious moments […]


a mountain in the nimpkish valley myself and craig are recording the first episode of z00mradio, a show that is going to air on on the last friday evening of the month. it’ll be a monthly show and we’ve decided to go with a 2 hour show instead of a 3 hour because this […]


i am going to port hardy today for 3 days! for those who don’t know where that is, or for that matter, where i live in the world, i live in victoria, which is on the southern tip of an island on the north west side of north america, sitting between seattle and vancouver. over […]

spam from rogers

i just got a text message on my cell phone from Rogers about one of their new promotions. i promptly phoned them and informed them that, when Rogers sends me the next “promotional message,” i will be switching to Telus. odd thought: some people take the elevator and then go home to exercise on a […]