from port mcneil

that is a picture of my friend angie. the other day she dropped off a book for me that was about writing and marketing hit songs. i don’t particularly want to make anything resembling a hit song, but i am interested in the marketing aspect of it, and i am also interested in reading a bit more on the hit song structure, because it has always fascinated me how i knew in advance if something was going to top the charts.
i drove standard some more today in a desolate mall parking lot in port hardy and watched the canucks get thrashed proper by the minesota wild. erik predicted this, and minesota was playing like a team that needed to win, which they did. they are almost out of possibilities in minesota and they would probably miss the playoffs if they didn’t play the way they did tonight. it was a pretty embarassing game to watch, but i found out today that willie mitchell, one of the star minesota players, is from port mcneill, the town i am staying in right now.
todays workshop was totally fun and i had a great time. the students were really sharp and creative — i learned a lot!
tomorrow night is the hybrid massive show on resonance! woohoo!!!

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