AFK – Atholhu

AFK – Atholhu Dustin H – Receive The Light (Fractal’s Photons Are Data remix) – Pacific Front Recordings Dustin H – Receive The Light (His Boy Elroy remix) – Pacific Front Recordings Hybrid – I Choose Noise (Elite Force remix) – Distinctive Formulate – Voice of Qi (Seed remix) – Pacific Front Recordings Royal Assassin […]

update on updates

I keep a list of recommended links around for other people as much as I do for myself. So, if it starts becoming useless when people are not updating their sites, it becomes an interest to pare down the list to those websites which are continually maintained by the authors themselves. My list as of […]

circle of friends

Click to embiggen. This was generated by a 3rd party tool on facebook and it has limits: “You have too many friends. Become less popular. Limiting to 400.. Your friend wheel has been generated and added to your profile.” Neat concept. I like how it groups people together in clusters. Inadvertently you can see the […]