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I keep a list of recommended links around for other people as much as I do for myself. So, if it starts becoming useless when people are not updating their sites, it becomes an interest to pare down the list to those websites which are continually maintained by the authors themselves.
My list as of earlier today:
Krishen – Consistently updated.
Neil – Hasn’t been updated in a really long time. Toast
Anand – Last updated in March. Toast.
Dad – Hasn’t been updated in a year. Jam.
Extrametrical – Consistently updated.
Jordan – Updated regularly until a month ago. On notice..
James – Last updated in April. Bye bye for you.
Mattbass – Recently updated.
Nicole – Hasn’t been updated this year. BBFY.
Renee – Consistently updated.
Julie – Regularly updated.
Adrian – Also updated regularly until a month ago. Hmm..
Kimli – Link updated, website regularly updated.
Hybridesque – Not updated since February. Toast..
Amanday – Regularly updated
Jaime – Long gone in cleverness.
c79 – Hasn’t been updated in half a year. Toast..
Darren Barefoot- Regularly updated, probably the most on this list..
Graham – Regularly updated.
Hessie the Destroyer – Regularly updated.
Corey Lee – Last update “I’m on facebook, are you?” That was in March. Toast..
Cam – Regularly updated.
Low resolution – Regularly updated
Malcolm Gladwell – appears his blog has disappeared.
The Essential Mike – No longer updated.
Spongeknuckles – Sadly no longer updated.
See the new list of recommended links. There is one new one in there which has returned to the Land of Updatio – Adam Quiney’s website, and Graham Davis’ website with his new website address.

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  1. This site is so hot right now, this site, so hot right now.
    What’s the difference between “consistently updated” and “regularly updated”?
    BTW, if I didn’t know better, I would have thought those fish are kissing and making up. Fortunately I do know better, and I realize they are fighting to the death with stiff upper lips.

  2. There’s no difference really, I just felt like using different words while writing the list. So there ya have it.
    And indeed, you are wise to the ways of the Red Devil and Jack Dempsey. The JD’s have chilled out significantly since then. They had beat the crap out of the RD, but the RD is pretty resilient and is back in his normal m.o.

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