ariz0na – Last Stand

The last dj ariz0na mix starts off with some spooky progressive house before following a familiar format – progressive house into progressive breaks into progresive trance. Not all of the ariz0na sets follow this format, but most of my favorite ones do. The reasoning behind this is that I believe that going from progressive house to progressive trance is just too obvious and too easy for everyone involved. Thousands of DJ’s make mixes like that every day. I do not find it compelling, but make no mistake – I do think it’s a good idea when one is DJing live to take the momentum they’ve got. But this is not a live CD, this is a mix CD, designed through mixing to take you several different places and leave you somewhere that feels pretty far away from where you began. This is a mix built to compell and push the comfort levels once again, and it is a mix to finish what I started 9 years ago when I first started giving out mix CDs.


  1. Porter and Blain – Surrounding Darkness (Original mix)
  2. Quivver – Brothers and Sisters (Original mix)
  3. Madoka – Distant Memories (Matthew Dekay remix)
  4. Gouryella – Walhalla (Hybrid’s Echoplex remix)
  5. General Midi and Hyper – We’ve Been Waiting (Fretwell remix)
  6. Twenty First Century Fux – Sunspirit (Ivan Gough and Luke Chable’s Oreo Breakbeat remix)
  7. Healy and Amos – Bleachin’ (Hybrid remix)
  8. Laguna Seca – The Flow (Nalin and Kane remix)
  9. August – Tongue Tied [In the Congo] (Original mix)
  10. JunkieXL – Bon Voyage (Original mix)
  11. The Arc – Echobeach (Original mix)
  12. Resistance D – Feel High (Spacefrog vs. Timelord remix)
Download: Download ariz0na – Last Stand

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    Great mix into Echobeach. Beats that other guy’s mix-in hands down. 🙂
    What a retrospective. Well done.

  2. sorry to flog, but Davin, you should really air this on Proton… This is such a strong set. Just get someone to top it up with a 40-minute item.

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