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This was generated by a 3rd party tool on facebook and it has limits:
“You have too many friends. Become less popular. Limiting to 400..
Your friend wheel has been generated and added to your profile.”
Neat concept. I like how it groups people together in clusters. Inadvertently you can see the electronica scene in Victoria as a cluster at the bottom in the green.
Speaking of “electronica”, I have a mix airing on Pacific Front Sessions on Proton Radio this Wednesday at noon PST with Joel Armstrong, and another mix later this week on Tide Pool is Love on Proton Radio with Fractal. That one is on at midnight on Thursday night for you nocturnal types.
As you may have heard, “ariz0na” is done and as such there is one last DJ ariz0na mix which I will be posting shortly. I will continue mixing (as I have lately) under the AFK name, which I also produce under. The event to end ariz0na was a smashing success, and was a great chance for people to soak up the Pacific Front sound, what with Formulate, c79, Dustin H and Fractal also performing that night. Definitely a night to remember!

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  1. indeed – you can see how ‘tightly woven’ the victoria electronic scene is…. just like everyone says!
    Can’t pull the wool over my eyes… scarf, scarf scarf!!!!
    I know what you’re thinking… Stick a sock in it!

  2. That’s pretty cool.. I tried it out; I too like how it groups people who know each other together. I found the alphabetical grouping algorithm works pretty well to see how individuals contribute to the graph.
    Craig: get new “material” 😉

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