running full tilt

i didn’t get any of my volunteer work done last night. that’s okay because i have tonight free and no obligations to anyone but myself. i played 2 hours of tennis with jay carvy last night and it was incredibly satisfying. it was HOT last night on the tennis courts until the sun went down. […]

life for rent

the box office is sold out.. the website i was looking at needed to be updated.. blah.. i found a place online that has tickets.. but they’re charging $130-160 PER ticket in not great spots. and you have to buy them in twos. so it’s $260 – $320. anyone have any ins here? there’s gotta […]

white flag

well, today i decided i officially like Dido. her white flag song + video got me. what a gorgeous voice. i talked to craig about it tonight and he was like “dude yeah i know i am going to go see her in may.” i was like, “where?! vancouver, seattle?!” he says “no, victoria.” what?! […]

short but sweet

as seen tonight in victoria, blocks from denny’s on douglas st. good eyes, jim! here’s my list for today: kill bill 2 kicked ass big time photography excursion with jim was mondo fun hanging out with jenlucy == too cool if you know anyone who works for the car companies that may be associated with […]