running full tilt

i didn’t get any of my volunteer work done last night. that’s okay because i have tonight free and no obligations to anyone but myself.
i played 2 hours of tennis with jay carvy last night and it was incredibly satisfying. it was HOT last night on the tennis courts until the sun went down. then i had a chance to cool off. it looks like it is time to put the winter clothes away as i am just roasting in the heat here at the office.
i hung out with ria the other night. we went to an islandkidz meeting, so technically that isn’t hanging out, but it is at the same time.
after tennis, i hung out with kevin and we discussed musical direction. cool. real basslines are where it’s at, baby. i then went over to charles’ and spoke a few words of japanese with his roomates that are trying to learn english. that was fun! i want to do more.
me and charles bolted and went to hush to see yoseff and maria play and to talk to brent about doing a fundraiser event for islandkidz. i saw maria play, yoseff showed up 1 minute before i left (after being there for an hour) as he was out at 7-11 eating. too bad, because it would have been nice to hang out with him there. i didn’t even end up talking to brent as he was busy bartending and i found myself talking to people the whole time i was there. it was nice to see some familiar faces.
i got 8 hours of sleep last night.
i felt low on energy this morning, but the levels are up now. i have done some design work, which gives me energy, and talked to a few people. that gets me going. the other thing that gets me going is coffee. ahhh! evil coffee! mike fed me some coffee and it got me going. hot tomato soup, though i don’t need to be any hotter, is quite good as well. mmmm.
the picture at the top is of james on jamesday. he’s a commercial fisherman so he’ll be off on a boat for several months until he’s caught enough fish. see you later james!

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