life for rent

the box office is sold out.. the website i was looking at needed to be updated.. blah.. i found a place online that has tickets.. but they’re charging $130-160 PER ticket in not great spots. and you have to buy them in twos. so it’s $260 – $320.
anyone have any ins here? there’s gotta be a way! 🙁 🙁 meh. help!

the moveabletype 3 beta went public yesterday, so here, have a look at it:
backend screen shot (cliq 4 mahsiv):

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  1. If you find a place with decent priced tickets, let me know because I’d like to take my gf. Also, if Victoria is sold out, is she not going to Vancouver as well? Because that could be an alternate avenue…
    Oh, and as per the blog comments question, I don’t think I would register to post comments. This isn’t like a forum, and I think that most people would not bother posting comments if they had to go through the step or 2 to register/login first. Like most people, I think I would be too lazy to do that. Being able to post a quick comment means that most likely, more will be posted – imo.

  2. I would register on the sites that I visit regularly, I’d have no problem doing that.
    However, I know some people won’t bother. I have a friend who likes to remain anonymous when he leaves comments on my site, and he said that since I started requiring an e-mail address he doesn’t comment anymore. I had to convince him it was fine to leave a fake e-mail address. I imagine he’d not want to register.
    I’ve started closing my comments on old posts, and leaving the last three weeks or so open. This leaves very few entries for spam comments, so in the case it does happen, I only have to delete a few. It’s working well for me.
    Too bad about Dido. Though I was surprised to read on your site this morning that it wasn’t sold out.

  3. shitty deal… well, the offer of erica or me being sick thing still holds… however I will amend the offer to disclude reasons such as food-poisoning. heheh
    on the plus side, I *just* discovered the super-macro mode on my camera!!! What was that? Four months? hahahah Sawheeet!

  4. i have no problem registering with sites that i visit regularly, but i have to admit, if i had to log in to leave i comment, i probably wouldn’t. i’d like to say that it wouldn’t hinder me, but i have a friend who requires a login to leave comments, and since he added this functionality i haven’t said a word. and many other people haven’t either.
    i agree that blog spam is a problem, julie’s solution of closing off old entries seems like a good compermise.
    of course, if you are trying to shut me up? HA
    my two cents

  5. i’m pleased to say i’ve had no comment spam problem at all, one of the reasons i went with a custom script. i think it’s a combo of non-standard java launching the comments window combined with the fact that the comments page is built on the fly from arguments passed from the click – the page doesn’t exist until you click-thru. of course, someone could write a script to spam my site if they wanted to, but it’s just me and i’m not worth it.
    i’m also against barriers to commenting, that is, making it any harder than it has to be.

  6. The best anti-spam idea I’ve discussed so far is a two-parter. The first is just switching up the references in the code. Instead of getting a “name” you’d get a “fish” and instead of an email address you’d get a “hairdryer” or whatever. The second part is including a visual confirmation- where you have to enter the text that appears in a little graphic. The pic could be static and the text could be cookied, so you’d only have to enter it once, like the rest of the fields.
    Both methods cause minimal interference, but send bots and spiders and dbs for a loop. Or at least that’s as far as my thoughts have taken me… so far.

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