white flag

well, today i decided i officially like Dido. her white flag song + video got me. what a gorgeous voice. i talked to craig about it tonight and he was like “dude yeah i know i am going to go see her in may.” i was like, “where?! vancouver, seattle?!” he says “no, victoria.” what?!
last time i spontaneously decided i liked someone, it was coldplay. and so in one day i bought both of their albums and bought tickets to their may 23rd (my birthday) showing in vancouver, and it was one kick-ass show.
i’ve found that there are, amazingly, still tickets left her mid-may victoria show, but they’re only being sold in twos. so that means i need someone to come with me. pleeease! anyone interested?

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  1. whut? Victoria? Where’s she playing? And why don’t I have a ticket yet? If you don’t have a compadre yet I’m IN. Hell, even if you already do have a compadre I’m still IN. Have to find out why she doesn’t return my calls anymore. mmmmDidolicious…

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