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  1. Love the one of the pink succulent. I need to go to Witty’s again one of these days… last time I was there was a polar bear swim years and years ago on New Year’s Day. We drank a lot of aquavit afterwards, and I was about 13 years old.
    Followed a link from Julie’s site to get here, in case you were wondering.

  2. I like the 6th one best, the water and the shore. Beautiful! They are all beautiful! I wish I could have joined you on Sunday, I was sad when I got your message at the end of the day.
    I saw a dead seal in Gonzales Bay. 🙁
    Shall I set up a photogroffee? It seems we are all dying to make some cool pictures.
    Oh, I went down to the end of that road too just last weekend! I wanted to walk down that curvy concrete path but it was so cold out and I was alone. I need friends.

  3. ooh! let’s get some good macro shots of the dead seal. not everyday you get a chance to do that 😀

  4. i quite like the blue bells. it feels as though we are peaking through the brush while playing hide and seek, giddy with anticipation of who will be found and who will not.

  5. Wow … you really took me back home. My grandparents live right there on Olympic View Dr and I ended up living out there for a couple years during school. Loved it, so easy to take a nice peaceful walk by the ocean or into the woods. Just don’t get that same experience out here in Florida … though a walk along the beach is nice!
    Did you get down to the waterfall? Love that hike.

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