come to me

“come to me” a new choon by (sir) james “texas” holden .. really awesome. i am addicted to it. it’s really quirky and weird and not too unlike his unreleased britney spears remixes. for real. busy next two weeks: finishing (phase 1), interview with CBC for VEMF, TV show proposal, NewVI’s morning show next […]


title courtesy of erik. what a [censored] awesome weekend. hung out with a long-lost friend, met up with micah who is the first-non-west-coaster to be signed to Pacific Front Recordings, and also hooked up with cary chang who is just an all-around fabulous guy with connections in every direction. thank you muchly to my gracious […]


hoy. so! Pacific Front Sessions airs tonight at 9 pm on proton radio. it is a new monthly show that I do with Justin to play great tunes and raise the profile of 1) Pacific Front Recordings and 2) Those who support PFR. i took this shot when i was wandering around on this ‘spit’ […]

designing life

well it doesn’t seem like I have had too much time lately to work on the place, which is too bad because it is really close now. i fixed the sink yesterday but by no stretch of the imagination is the sink “okay” now, the plumber really did a number on this job. things he […]