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well it doesn’t seem like I have had too much time lately to work on the place, which is too bad because it is really close now. i fixed the sink yesterday but by no stretch of the imagination is the sink “okay” now, the plumber really did a number on this job. things he did wrong include:

  • showing up late
  • carelessly ripping out the previous sink, taking pieces of the countertop with him meaning we need a new countertop now
  • installing the wrong sink and forgetting the hose
  • leaving no information on the garborator or usage instructions
  • not installing the sink flush to the countertop
  • not sealing the space he left between the sink and the countertop

not pleased at all.
however, home life has been great. i really bonded with my new place this past week and finished one of my most inspired productions to date. amalia saw me in this creative state and was like “are you okay?” i think i was grinning at nothing in particular while tweaking a knob on the usb midi controller. haha. i am weird.
i could recap my life for you and all the stuff i’ve been doing but i’ve noticed profoundly that documenting life actually takes away from life. i am tilting my life in several ways from being a spectator to a participant once more.

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  1. you know I was a plumber for 4 years, hey?
    I could take a look at your sink if there’s something wrong with it… or at least provide you with some sort of help on it 🙂

  2. OK… I HAVE to ask. Mainly because I’m home sick with a kidney infection that seriously sucks and I’m feeling sorry for myself and have a reduced sense of what’s appropriate and what’s just being nosy and even though I know it’s not my business and I’m just curious and in a state of medicated confusion but…
    are you and the pretty The Amalia … you know… an.. item?
    / advance apologies for offending, embarassing anyone
    // going to drink more fluids now.
    /// probably should have emailed you instead huh?

  3. Ohhh Daving Daving Daving, now you understand why I took so few pictures while travelling. It’s so much easier to live the moment when you’re not trying to capture it.
    Love you for ever,

  4. Mwahahaa shy me — you’re not the only one who has wondered that. Though I know the answer now since I asked him over iChat.. 🙂
    And agreed re documenting life. The blog must remain secondary. Unless you’re doing a documentary post of course 🙂

  5. curse you krishen and your knowingness… just because you’re like…. family…
    SIIIIIIIGH ( that was a pity garnering sigh, by the way )

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