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i forgot to say -when- i am going to calgary. july 21-24th. i am going to visit my 3 friends there, tracey micah and cary, and see a new (to me) city. that sounds good to me.
i did a tonne of work to a remix i am working on yesterday .. hung out with justin, christina, andrew and amalia at the pad last night before the fireworks. i was going to go to mike’s but we ran out of time .. damnit! we saw the fireworks as we walked down yates.. it was kind of cool to walk around the city .. it was somewhat deserted when the fireworks came on, and we got the backdrop of fireworks behind the city which was neat looking. it would’ve provided for some good photo op but i decided last night was not a good night to take the camera out. so anyway.
music news:

  • AFK – Lush signed to Proton Music
  • Tiebreaker – Settle the Score (Original, Micah and Influenza remixes) came out
  • Pacific Front Sessions on Proton Radio starts this coming Thursday at 9 PM PST (monthly show)
  • VEMF is almost only a month away now!
  • next dj ariz0na gig is July 16th (saturday night) at Hush with Braeden

i must go get brunch. bye!

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  1. am putting July 16th on my calendar. I may just have to put the new Harry Potter book down to (finally) come see you! Email moi a reminder eh?

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