flu deluxe

i just went to see the doctor, and she said i can kick this, it’s just a matter of time .. i still feel completely not-myself though. things keep on changing: on tuesday it was a headache, on wednesday – thursday it was a fever, thursday – saturday it was headache + nausia, friday – […]


don’t worry, i wont make you sick. i, in fact, will not make anyone sick. i’d tell you about the exciting stuff going on but i can’t feel excited right now, or anything but this headache and this sore throat and something like a fever. no distractions, just me and The Sick. to avoid being […]

when i die

i want to be turned into this! i got my humidifier to work. it did make a huge difference, i am not feeling so groggy this morning (also thanks to a healthy chunk of sleep) and that is A Good Thingâ„¢. unfortunately plans to go here: for this weekend have not worked out, so now […]