foot, shoe and earth

sometimes i like to sketch. sometimes i have an idea in my head, and other times i just want to sit in front of the blank canvas and see what will come out. this is something that actually started off as a landscape, turned into a UFO, and then came in to land as a foot, or is it a shoe? or the earth?
since my camera is being an oaf these days, i have decided to start doing more illustrations again since it used to be one of my favorite things to do. i’d like to start doing it more again.
i am going to Union Bay this weekend (on Vancouver Island) and i am looking forward to seeing some new sights and capturing them in my mind. i am a ways off from feeling like spending enough time to do a full landscape illustration, but i can feel the urge coming as i start to consider honing my illustration skills again. my doodles have returned to me and with them a desire to create visually from the head. not instead of photography or anything, cause i really think the two go together.
gotta go, more work to do ..

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  1. Yeah for drawing!! I loooooooooove doodling!
    Hey if you are by Nanaimo and feel like stopping by, or need a place to crash let me know, I’ll be here all week 🙂

  2. Ya can’t get shoes like that anymore. It’s a ‘desert boot’…. a soft brushed suede leather shoe from the early 70’s. You even got the rippled non slip sole. You were cool if you had them! hahaha

  3. hahahha. davin… what grade were we in when we did those charcoal drawings of our shoes ?? i remember you had the one you did on your wall for ages. was that grade 6 with mrs. mcCulloch ??
    or was that grade 5 with mr. hallman ??
    nice shoodoodLe.

  4. what a gr8 idear.. I could bust out my easel and we could do some seaside drawrinz. Haven’t tried that yet..

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