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  1. So agree with that, I am going out for a wonderful day of romance with….me. Today, I am hanging out with a very special person, and so far it is most wonderful. 🙂 <3<3<3

  2. Yeah and no. I do like to spoil also, but I don’t like to be forced into doing something ie: my un-like for religion (read:Christianity or Catholicism) ahem, anyway. Hallmark holidays are sorta weird. I mean they don’t really mean anything to many people and it was sad how many guys were trying to look cool and still carry the flowers they were guilted into buying for loveones-or-lustedones-or-Iamgoingtogetherdrunkones.
    There are people I care about but I don’t care about them any more than I did yesterday and I will tomorrow. Spread the love, go put a pumpkin on your head, eat an easter egg and drink a green beer tonight. Oh… and don’t only think about the poor on Christmas.
    Don’t fret though guys, March 20th is our day. See my blog for details.

  3. I think it’s so hard if the two people have different expectations around this holly-day. I’m almost always single for Val Day so I’m always secretly hoping that this’ll be the day my secret admirer admits his deep undying love for me. Mwaah haah haaah.
    Oh, and the interweb loves you too.

  4. That’s such a nice picture, and I think I know who it’s for 😉
    I am also in the same place as you right now. First time I’ve been single in like five years on Valentine’s Day.
    I baked cookies for friends, and gave out chocolates to co workers yesterday, so I think I participated quite well!
    Oh and I got half a loaf of bread from Amalia!
    Best gift ever!!

  5. only half a loaf…hahahaha I’m so ghetto! Peronally I hate V-day due to baggage(being dumped on the day) but this year it turn out ok, eat some good food, watched an old tape of Bill Cosby live and passed out by 9:15pm. OH and the man bought me a rose and made me (all by himself) a Jamie Oliver dish the night before. So yeah, good times. 🙂

  6. hahahahaha wow! I know English good! 🙂 Sorry about that, the door open at my work, it scared me and I pressed “post” without wanting to.
    Amalia 😉

  7. Awww….. thanks Davin….
    Oh, you mean that wasn’t for me??
    I’m with Nick on the whole thing. I love my sweetie equally each and every day, and try to show it in as many ways as I can.
    This V-day we ate KD with hot dogs and watched The Grudge. Very romantic. I think maybe we lit a candle…. but I could be wrong.
    Next year I am going to have a Valentines day party, no Romance allowed. Maybe we could watch football or something. I’ll have to look into that.

  8. It’s nothing more than ***JUDGEMENT DAY!!!!***
    It’s so silly, if you have a ‘significant other’, you must participate. And your participation will be judged. If you don’t participate, you still will be judged.
    I have a speshull relationship with this day…. it being my wedding anniversary…… *counts many fingers* uhhhhhh….. 33rd hahahaha. Oh man, I’m sure glad I am done with Judgement Day
    This day is also known as “Singles Awareness Day”

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