the pressure

actually i just lifted a load of pressure off of me on a couple different fronts. the one i will talk about here is this: i was thinking, oh what a great website update am i going to have to do now. the last update was the sum effort of over a years worth of preparation by many people all over the world. yeah that is a tough one to follow up. if you haven’t downloaded the mix yet, what on earth are you waiting for? if you like it, what i ask is that you *please* tell your friends about it. this is the only way that we’re going to win at what we love doing. music for sharing.
my camera battery is still on the fritz — or is it the charger. i don’t know — sometimes i get a few hours out of it, other times i get 5 minutes. not that super.
the emerald green track is coming together really smoothly and so is justin’s remix of dreamcache. i heard a preview of dreamcache tonight and it’s very encouraging. i am resequencing the vocals for the Emerald Green project in Ableton’s awesome Live 4.03. jaime and i did another session and it’s really coming together now.
well i met some people last night that i used to talk to online a bunch of years ago, try 5 .. and we met so randomly last night, it’s so weird. funkaru and daisy. rad! #loungex lives. well maybe not, haha. but still, that is neat. yep.
good weekend. time to sleep :)!

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  1. what a small town Vancouver is..well, the world really. I suppose now that I’ve met up with some peeps through you that I knew from way back, and you’ve met up with some peoples through me you knew from way back, it’s my turn to meet some more through you. 🙂 Let the mysteries and coincidences continue to unfold.

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