what is it

not that i have been in a bit of a writing slump lately, but i have been in a bit of a writing slump lately. by now i thought i would have Dreamcache finished, i figured i would have a song done with Angie, one with Anand, one with Nathan, one with Charles, and one […]


braeden enjoys the effects of a coffee before going on IRC i haven’t been around for a bit — well yes I have, but just not really on the computer that much. okay that’s anther lie. but i have been sorting through pictures and making music. this is my second day of my two weeks […]

clubbed to death

stuffs that yous gots to fo’ sho check out! in victoria @ hush: december 27th: dekoze january 15th: braeden & ariz0na with kenzie somewhere in victoria: december 31st: SPECial party – sold out! (fortunately and unfortunately) in vancouver @ sonar (presented by PH1): december 19th: taylor december 31st: steve porter (@ the waldorf) january 9th: […]