digital mind control

some updates of cool things that are going on:

  • yoseff is DJing on resonance tomorrow from 3-4 pm on 101.9 FM CFUV. there’s streaming audio on the resonance website so check it out on your radio or on the interweb!
  • hosting the radio show tomorrow means i will not be at the open house between 2:15 – 4:45.
  • i am going to see lord of the rings: return of the king tonight. wooo!
  • matt “the madman” / “poJaZ” schmitz is in town from Toronto! we went for coffee last night at aLzu’s!!!!!!!!!!!!! with Steve “Skettle” / “Iowa” Ireland.
  • coffee tomorrow evening @ 9 pm. location TBA, suggestions welcome!

lots going on!

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  1. do you mean
    Octavvio Bakery and Italian Stuff?
    yeah thats a super cool building… the art gallery is amazing inside…

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