here we go!

i went to thetis lake yesterday evening after work. i thought it was going to be a bit cold, but it was not at all. it was surprisingly warm and not even cold enough to be referred to as invigorating. don’t get me wrong, it was extremely refreshing! we dried off, watched the sun set, […]

on strike

that’s it! i am not updating my website (besides this entry) because none of my friends are updating theirs.. they’re just waiting for me to update mine so they can look at it and not update their own. well to heck with them all! damn you and such, i say! update your damn sites! grrrrrrr!!!!

arnold vs. mary

erik was crawling around the web and found this gem of a candidate for California Governor… — oh yes, it’s true. do you know marycarey? well, who cares. have a look at the competition.. well. i have looked around for it, and i have, so far, failed to find any sort of platform for […]

friday bonanza!

we had dinner last night at the fireside grill. not much of a view outside, but it was nice enough. the seating outside was tempting, however we had an opportunity to have an entire floor of the restaurant virtually to ourselves… and so we did: the food was completely excellent and the service was timely […]

2 rabbits

whoah. i am particularly exhausted today. i played tennis TWO times today, which was sweet.. i also got my euroshades in order for my vancouver trip (friday day time). well, i am just a bunch of boring tonight. so analyse this picture, will you, and i will sleep. good night.

superstar producers

so in one sphere of reality, you have the global underground messageboard and their producer scene. and here they are, messing with eachother and washing their dirty laundry in public: Bill Hamel (Technology / Sunkissed Records owner) and BT’s Soapbox Fiasco. people arguing about.. well, to be honest, i read the first 2 pages of […]

as if

as if it was not completely [censored] awesome at the potholes yesterday! apparently next week is supposed to be nicer than this week .. by nicer, i mean hotter. which means, by next week, i will be more sookepotholesier. myself and richard went up to The Place (repple rock) which features a Tire Swing and […]